Photography has always been a major component in my life. I can remember, even as a little girl, having a passion for capturing that “special moment”. I have always looked at photography as somewhat of a magical power, allowing me the ability to freeze time and not only relive it myself but provide others the experience as well. Now, as an adult, I have grown to appreciate the beauty of life and the miracles around us more than ever. Many times we are too busy with our hectic lives and every day tasking to stop and recognize the wonders of our world. My goal is to capture these moments and recreate them in a way that will allow others to also experience the magic and amazement that surrounds us every day of our life. I am most alive and in the moment when I am behind my lens. My mind is completely focused on trying to find that perfect angle, the perfect amount of light, and the right depth of field to recreate the way I view the world. My ultimate goal is to live my passion freely and share the visions I have with those around me.

*live simply*

~ mary